As pioneers in home cleaning, we've crafted a solution that not only exceeds expectations but also honors our commitment to the planet.

Lily Fresh Products

Lily Fresh by Lily Maids

Committed to providing the best service possible, we decided to develop our own cleaning products. After over a year of rigorous experimentation, we finally formulated a product we're proud of—one that not only cleans efficiently but is also safe and natural. Drawing inspiration from our Brazilian roots, we infused it with the sweet fragrance of acai, capturing the essence of home. Our brand, rooted in family values, prioritizes safety for families, kids, pets, and the planet, ensuring that our products not only clean effectively but also contribute positively to our customers' lives and the environment.

Lily Fresh Dish Soap

Dish Soap

Designed for manual washing, its concentrated formula demonstrates superior foam retention at lean dilutions. Not to mention the sweet and pleasant smell of the acai while doing your dishes will bring a whole new experience to your everyday task. No need to worry about toxic ingredients like solvents, ammonia, and bleach. Unlike some name brand soaps, our formula has no hidden ingredients, we offers true transparency by fully disclosing all ingredients.

16 oz.

Lily Fresh All-Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaner

This natural all-purpose cleaner never fails to amaze! Not only it literally cleans ANY surface, but it also makes them shiny like you have never seen before, and best of all, it has a wonderful smell of acai. All that in one single product! Because of its eco-friendly formula, this all-purpose cleans safely and quickly without the use of ammonia or any unwanted solvents, which means, it will not cause any damage, and it is safe to use around your family, kids, and pets.

24 oz.

Lily Fresh Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

This neutral pH floor cleaner is designed for a variety of cleaning tasks including to clean and maintain wax and acrylic finished floors without affecting the surface gloss. Cleans all types of floors and surfaces. Because of its natural formula, this floor cleaner WILL NOT DAMAGE your floors or any other surface in your home. Instead, it will maintain its gloss, make your floor shiny and your house smelling wonderful.

32 oz.

Lily Fresh Zero-fiber Cloth

Zero-fiber Cloth

This cloth is made with tiny fibers 200 times thinner than human hair. They trap and absorb the dirt and oil while polishing without scratching any surface. This cloth will save you money, all it needs is water. It’s ecofriendly, you wash it and it’s clean to use again.
CLEANS: stoves, computers, TVs, mirrors, glasses, cars(including rims), tile, plastic, granite, stainless steel, and much more!
REMOVES: bugs, tar, grease, fingerprints, brake dust, soap scum, dirt and dust.

Please note that Lily Maids, while offering Lily Fresh products for sale to our valued clients, does not utilize these products for our cleaning services by default. Instead, we rely on the cleaning products provided by our clients during our service visits. If you're interested in purchasing Lily Fresh products or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to provide both exceptional cleaning services and quality products to enhance your home environment.

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